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Nuwber delivers useful, relevant search results on just about anyone, including yourself. When you want to know about the people you encounter in life, rely on Nuwber.

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How Nuwber Can Help

Reconnect with Old Friends

Reconnect with Old Friends

We all intend to stay connected, but then life happens. In just a matter of a few clicks, Nuwber can help you find that old friend, colleague or acquaintance you’ve lost touch with over the years.

Locate friends
Check Online Dates

Check Online Dates

The interest is there. Satisfy your curiosity by learning a bit more about the person you’ve been getting to know online before committing to that meeting.

Research online date
Look into Properties

Look into Properties

When you find the perfect home or neighborhood, it’s reasonable to want to know more about who lives there. Simply enter the address and Nuwber will provide information on who owns the property.

Search address
Find Long-lost Relatives

Find Long-lost Relatives

Don’t just wonder where your relative is, find out. Simply input their first and last name, сity and state (if known), and in a matter of seconds you’ll have the information you need.

Look for relatives
Research Neighbors

Research Neighbors

Knowing a little more about your new neighbor can help your relationship go from guarded to friendly. Our database can provide helpful details.

Look up neighbors

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