5 Ways to Find the Owner of a Phone Number

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According to Truecaller, a well-known spam blocking software development company, Americans spend 219 million hours a year on unwanted calls. That equates to more than 9.1 million days wasted on mostly spam.

Looking at the statistics, it hardly comes as a surprise that most people get anxious when they see a call from a phone number they don’t recognize.

Of course, letting them go unanswered could also mean a lost opportunity. But if you can learn more about the owners of unknown numbers, you can easily avoid the troublesome ones and answer those that could be of importance.

The Undeniable Benefits of a Reverse Phone Lookup

The primary reason you would want to identify unknown callers is to evade spam, scams, and other unwanted calls. Telemarketers, for instance, can be incredibly persistent. The more you try to evade them, the more ways they will find to get through to you.

Fraudulent calls have also reached an epic level. IRS imposters, fake lotteries, robocalls, charity swindles, tech support scams, and similar frauds siphon billions of dollars from unsuspecting phone users each year.

Understandably, knowing who is calling or who the phone number belongs to is imperative for identifying spam and fraud calls and protecting yourself from potential trouble. But there can be many other legitimate reasons for learning more about a phone number’s owner.

Let’s say you want to create a customer database for your business based on inbound calls you have received. A person’s mobile phone number or landline number can help you find their name, age, address, email, social media profiles, and a variety of other information to develop a detailed contact list and design your outreach programs.

Reverse searching a phone number will also enable you to verify the details you already have about its registered owner and ensure the records are up to date. This can be particularly useful if you are trying to reach out to a person but only have their phone number or trying to reconnect with old acquaintances.

How to Find the Owner of a Phone Number 

Here are the top methods for conducting reverse phone lookups when you are searching for details about a phone number owner.

1. Use a Specialized Reverse Phone Lookup Platform

find the owner of a phone number

Data aggregators that specialize in people searches can be a convenient and efficient resource when you need a reliable reverse phone lookup service. These platforms source millions of people data from various public records databases and sort and compile individual profiles that you can search using different identifiers, such as names and phone numbers.

Nuwber, for instance, has compiled more than 325 million phone number records to help discover information with a quick reverse phone lookup.

To start your search, enter a phone number on the search bar and click the search button. Our service will compile all the data related to the number on a user-friendly interface in the form of a report.

Please note that most reverse phone lookup services furnish information based on paid subscriptions. However, such paid services could still be worth a try, considering the detailed information they can produce, from past addresses and social media accounts to criminal records of a number’s owner.

If you don’t require a comprehensive report, check whether the site offers a free plan or a trial. These would usually include basic search results, such as a name and city.

Having said that, Nuwber can provide you with a person’s name and location associated with a particular phone number for free. For more in-depth information, you might need to consider upgrading to a paid plan.

2. Subscribe to Caller ID

Most phone companies in the US provide this facility as a paid service to their customers. It displays a name and, sometimes, a location for each incoming call. So, check with your phone carrier about the options available and how you could sign up for them.

Keep in mind that you can’t always expect accurate results with this feature since customers have the option to determine how they want their name to appear on the call receiver’s screen.

This means a person can alter their name or even conceal it altogether, preventing you from accurately identifying who is calling.

3. Download a Caller ID App

This is one of the easiest ways to find out who is calling from an unknown number. These app’s phone number databases are often user generated, although some may also use public records to source information. As a result, they are able to maintain fairly up-to-date data to help you identify callers.

They also work in real time to let you know the owner of a cell phone number or landline as and when you receive a call. So, there is little effort required from your end to find information once you have downloaded and installed the app.

Caller ID apps offer other features, too, including spam blocking and search bars for you to learn more about a particular phone number.

Most apps are available on monthly or yearly paid plans. These could provide a better user experience than a free version, which typically has ads and limited features.

4. Try a Google Search

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If you prefer a free reverse phone lookup solution, Google is an excellent place to start. It is the undisputed leader of both mobile and desktop searches, processing a staggering 5.9 million searches each minute.

To find a phone number owner on Google, type the number on its search bar and click search. Results displayed on SERPs can include content from social media platforms, blogs, personal and business websites, and the like.

These resources could often help you discover basic information, such as a location, email address, and social media profiles, in addition to a name.

5. Search Social Media

When you want to learn who owns a phone number free of charge, social media sites with a high user base can be surprisingly useful.

Remember, private profile mode and similar features on networking platforms can prevent information from turning up on Google’s SERPs. However, there is a high probability you can uncover it with a phone number lookup on the relevant social media site after creating an account.

To Summarize

If you are constantly harassed by spam, scam, and other unwelcome calls, it is important to identify callers before you answer or return calls from unknown numbers.

In such moments, a specialized reverse phone lookup service can be invaluable for unearthing more details about a phone number’s owner and ensuring your safety. With the help of public records databases, these platforms can provide detailed reports of a caller’s identity.

Other methods you can use include caller ID apps and the caller identification facility provided by your phone company. If you prefer a free reverse lookup solution, try the Google search engine and popular social media sites.


How accurate is information on Google?

Google doesn’t verify the results it shows on its search engine result pages. It is merely a search service that deploys proprietary algorithms to identify web pages carrying content that matches a search query.

There is always a chance the information on those pages is inaccurate or outdated. For instance, they can show the previous owner of a phone number instead of its current owner.

So, it is best to verify what you find on search engines to ensure you have up-to-date and reliable data when making important decisions.

When should I opt for a paid reverse phone lookup service?

A paid service can be useful when you need to discover much more than the name of a number’s owner.

For example, sometimes, you may want to find an address to confirm a delivery or check whether someone is involved in criminal activities. In such cases, it would be worthwhile paying for a detailed report provided by a reverse number lookup service.

Besides, most of these service providers apply advanced technology to authenticate the public records they source. Thus, they can be useful when you need verified information.

Can specialized reverse lookup engines help find employment details?

These platforms may produce information about a person’s profession, workplace, industry, and coworkers. However, using them for employment background checks is legally prohibited.

If you need to run a reverse number search to discover someone’s employment history or for employment screening purposes, you can try social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, or search engines.

What if a phone number is hidden or consists of an unusual short code?

It is likely a scam or spam caller attempting to conceal their identity and whereabouts. In this type of situation, you are better off letting the call go unanswered.

Can someone mimic a legitimate phone number?

Yes. Deceptive individuals often use spoofing technology to imitate phone numbers. This allows them to build credibility and trust, increasing the likelihood of a call getting answered.

Sometimes, a criminal could also resort to SIM swapping to steal a phone number belonging to another person. They can do this by assuming the identity of the number’s rightful owner and requesting the telecommunication service provider to transfer the phone number to a different SIM.

In both instances, running a reverse number lookup won’t help you determine the true identity of the caller. So, exercising caution is crucial when communicating with someone over the phone, without solely relying on what you discover from a reverse search.

Eugene Kirdzei
Eugene Kirdzei

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