7 Ways to Find Old Friends β€” Reconnect With Those Who Matter

reconnect with old friends

A friendship is a living, breathing thing. Sometimes, it takes some work to keep a friendship going, especially when a hectic lifestyle gets in the way.

But people are separated not only by time, but also by big moves, such as leaving a city, state, or country. A romantic relationship is not the only kind to suffer from separation by long distance. With such challenges, a good friend can become an old friend and your friendship can become a fond memory rather than the living, present thing it once was.

However, it doesn’t have to be this way. People do rekindle their relationships from years ago. And according to lead author Dr Peggy Liu from the University of Pittsburgh, recipients of messages appreciate them more than senders anticipate, especially when the messages come out of the blue.

With that in mind, here are some ideas about how to find old friends, on and offline.

Helpful Advice to Make the Most of This Article

Remember maiden names when using the sites mentioned below

If you are looking for a woman, searches might be more complicated if a marriage or divorce changed her surname, or if she uses her maiden name for personal or professional reasons.

Be patient

If you don’t get results within the first few seconds, keep digging! Rekindling your old friendship takes time and it is worth it, right?


Information on the internet changes all the time. Someone adding themselves to social media, someone else posting a photo of them, or a significant life event can all make someone more likely to appear online, so it is worth retrying the methods in this post from time to time.

1. Use Google Image Search to Find Friends Online

An image search is a great first step when you want to find an old friend. It is free, can be fast, and the images will help you confirm you have found the correct person from among all the people around the world with the same name as your friend.

To perform a Google image search, just go to Google, type in your friend’s full name, and choose image search from the results page.

If your friend is a prominent figure or active on social media, you could get a hit straight away. If not, refine your search by including middle names and adding a location that you associate with the person, for example, a school, workplace, or town.

Another way to use a Google search to find someone is to upload a photo and perform a reverse image search. This can tell you where that photo came from and where else it has been used, which may be useful clues to help you track down your friend.

Google’s not the only site that allows reverse image searches, so check out other reverse image sites and methods to maximize your chances.

Google Image Search Bonus Tip:

For a quick lesson in refining a Google search, you might try searching for yourself. What key information did you have to include before you appeared on the first page?

2. Facebook for Reconnecting With Friends From the Past

Facebook is a fantastic site for finding an old friend. Other social media sites can be helpful, too, but Facebook is king when it comes to connections.

Don’t give up if you don’t get a hit straight away. It might take a little while to get through false positives β€” strangers with the same or similar name as your friend.

Just type your friend’s name into the search bar. Facebook has a knack for knowing more about you than you realize. Through your connections to others via your Facebook account, this platform has a good chance of reconnecting you with the person you seek.

As with a Google image search, adding a place or interest is a good way to hone in on an old friend.

Facebook Search Bonus Tip:

One of the issues of looking for someone on Facebook is that they sometimes change their name to mask their identity. This might be for privacy and security reasons.

Some creative thinking may be necessary to find your friend on Facebook. But with roughly 3 billion active users per month, Facebook provides an impressive pool of people and is definitely worth a look.

how to find an old friend

3. Perform a People Search to Rekindle Past Friendships

When you want to find old friends online, do a people search.

Finding an old friend can be made easier with a people search site as it can provide contact information, including phone numbers, emails, street addresses, and social media profiles.

Not all people search sites are created equal, of course. To avoid being disappointed with the result, choose a proven service like Nuwber.

Nuwber is a leading people search provider with contact details of millions of US citizens. It will save you time and effort because its data is accurate and up-to-date, giving you multiple ways to confirm that you have found the correct person.

Search your friends by name or address; check their phone or email by doing a reverse phone or email lookup. The possibilities are numerous.

4. How to Find Old Friends on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social network for connecting professionals. Like Facebook, the algorithms and the data help the platform make connections that might help you get in touch with a lost friend.

LinkedIn also has an Alumni page for every college and university, which is great for networking and is going to help you find your long-lost friends.

To use the alumni function:

  • type the relevant college or university name in the search bar at the top and then select the relevant college/university page, or
  • click on your school logo from your profile page and click “see alumni”.

Alumni information provided by LinkedIn includes the individual’s location, where they work, and their profession. Refine your results according to criteria, for example, year of graduation or attendance, company name, and location.

5. Reconnect With Old Friends on Classmates.com

Classmates.com is the largest directory of high schools that you can search to find your old friends. You just need to know what school they graduated from.

Start by choosing your state and then delve into the possibilities. This site can provide photos and profiles to help you identify your old pals and message them.

You can also browse yearbooks, which will bring back memories from your old school and can help you track down your friend or others who could help you in your search.

find friends online

6. Talk to People (Online and Offline) to Reunite With Past Friends

It is likely that the person you are looking for still has at least one mutual friend or associate, whether online or offline.

Go ahead and make contact with people who were in your joint friend group, classmates, and colleagues. Even if you only ever talked with them briefly, it is okay to get in touch in the hope of finding your old friend.

It is also okay to ask about them at a place you think they are working or where they worked in the past. Put the feelers out, say you would be grateful for their help, leave your contact details, and keep looking.

7. Hire a Private Investigator to Track Down Your Old Friend

Private investigators are not only for crimes or movies. They are dedicated professionals who are typically skilled at finding people. They will likely have resources, contacts, and expertise to make fast progress on the hunt for your old friend.

Give your private investigator as much information as you can, including your old friend’s location and life situation when you were last in contact with them. Provide photos, if possible.

And note that it is worth the effort to try to find your friend yourself first because you don’t want to pay for someone to get an immediate result with something as easy as a people search site or a Google image search.

Building Bridges

Lost friends don’t need to stay lost. The technology is there to help you reconnect. Not to use it could be a missed opportunity. And if searching through a site fails, there is always the possibility of working with a professional.

If you are consistently thinking about an old friend, the chances are pretty good that they are thinking about you, too.

Whether you are successful or not, the time spent searching for your old friend can remove uncertainty and help you be a more considerate, appreciative friend for your current circle.


Is using a private investigator to find someone illegal?

As long as their methods are legal and you don’t use the information they provide to commit or facilitate a crime, you will be on the right side of the law.

How do I find someone without their full name?

This is going to be more tricky, but it is not impossible. You can also search using a first and middle name, and add salient information, such as a location or business name.

People search sites are especially useful in this regard, providing different search options β€” by name, phone, or address.

If you have a photo of the person, a reverse image search on Google could yield more information about who you lost touch with.

I need conversation starters! How do you reach out to an old friend?

A fond memory or two that inspired your search would make a good reintroduction to your friend. Check in with a short message β€” be authentic and honest about your feelings, tell them what you miss about them, and share some news.

When they get back to you, you may be delighted to find that it feels natural to be in touch again. You might arrange to ask and answer follow-up questions with an actual talk over the telephone or in person.

I am nervous. Is it okay to reach out to an old friend?

It is normal to feel elation quickly followed by trepidation when you finally locate your old friend. You might feel afraid that too much time has passed, too much has happened, and things may not be the way they were.

Or perhaps you are nervous because the reason for you losing contact with your friend was due to an argument or other conflict.

Don’t let fear put you off trying to catch up. You have done the work to find your friend; now is the time to follow through and reconnect.

What if my old friend isn’t interested in being in touch?

If it is awkward or the spark is gone, it is ok. You may not be able to chat the way you once did, and that can hurt, but you may rekindle that connection with time and focus on shared interests.

The main thing is that you reestablished contact. That itself lets someone know how much they mean to you and that is never wasted.

If your friend from the past turns out not to want to hear from you, just understand that they have their reasons. The important thing is not to let fear and worry prevent you from finding out the truth.

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