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most popular names in the US

As a parent, selecting your baby’s name is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life. But choosing the best name for your baby boy or girl is not always easy. The options are simply limitless, and you want to make sure you select something cute, fun, and trendy.

In this article, we look at the top names in the US based on popularity to make the baby naming process easier for you.

Most Popular Names in the United States

Every year, the Social Security Administration (SSA) releases a list of top baby names chosen by Americans for their children. This is determined by reviewing the applications submitted for social security cards.

It is one of the most reliable sources for finding a popular baby’s moniker when you are looking for a name for your little one. So, which baby names top the charts? Let’s take a closer look.

Baby Boy Names

According to the SSA, the most common English name for a boy is Liam, which has ranked among the top male baby names for a few years now. Many other monikers have also been in popular use for some time, making them timeless choices.

If you are expecting a son, here is the top twenty baby boy name list to draw some inspiration.

Top 20 Most Popular Baby Boy Names in 2022

Rank Male name Number of males
1 Liam 20,456
2 Noah 18,621
3 Oliver 15,076
4 James 12,028
5 Elijah 11,979
6 William 11,282
7 Henry 11,221
8 Lucas 10,909
9 Benjamin 10,842
10 Theodore 10,754
11 Mateo 10,321
12 Levi 9,786
13 Sebastian 9,341
14 Daniel 9,047
15 Jack 8,889
16 Michael 8,829
17 Alexander 8,673
18 Owen 8,546
19 Asher 8,350
20 Samuel 8,342

When you want to find a trendier male name for your baby boy, it would be useful to take a look at the names that are rising in popularity.

These are the boy first names that show the highest jump in the SSA’s rankings year-on-year.

Baby Boy Names That Rose in Popularity from 2021 to 2022

Name Change Rank in 2022 Rank in 2021
Dutton 986 835 1821
Kayce 490 587 1077
Chosen 410 898 1308
Khaza 391 839 1230
Eithan 348 500 848
Waylen 337 891 1228
Asaiah 319 994 1313
Karim 316 772 1088
Kaizen 315 905 1220
Zen 283 911 1194
Kylian 256 525 781
Ezrah 250 941 1191
Eren 238 952 1190
Amiri 238 521 759
Jrue 225 904 1129
Kolson 211 882 1093
Kanan 201 998 1199
Colter 199 430 629
Teo 198 945 1143
Koa 194 351 545

Baby Girl Names

If you are expecting a baby girl, SSA’s list provides interesting insights into baby names a majority of American parents have chosen for their daughters.

Interestingly, the top four names — Olivia, Emma, Charlotte, and Amelia — have held the same position on the list released in the previous year as well. Harper has dropped out of the top ten this year and is replaced by Luna as the tenth-preferred name for a baby girl.

Here are the favorite first names for a daughter based on SSA data.

Top 20 Most Popular Baby Girl Names in 2022

Rank Female name Number of females
1 Olivia 16,573
2 Emma 14,435
3 Charlotte 12,891
4 Amelia 12,333
5 Sophia 12,310
6 Isabella 11,662
7 Ava 11,039
8 Mia 11,018
9 Evelyn 9,289
10 Luna 8,922
11 Harper 8,191
12 Camila 7,965
13 Sofia 7,254
14 Scarlett 7,224
15 Elizabeth 6,964
16 Eleanor 6,881
17 Emily 6,461
18 Chloe 6,445
19 Mila 6,445
20 Violet 6,434

Which monikers rank high in the list of those rising in popularity? Here are the top girl first names showing the highest jump compared with the previous year.

Baby Girl Names That Rose in Popularity from 2021 to 2022

Name Change Rank in 2022 Rank in 2021
Wrenlee 708 712 1420
Neriah 690 993 1683
Arlet 485 741 1226
Georgina 432 878 1310
Amiri 423 876 1299
Arleth 325 634 959
Amayah 324 701 1025
Winona 318 980 1298
Love 265 754 1019
Inaya 262 966 1228
Isabela 256 584 840
Jream 241 777 1018
Cielo 225 998 1223
Adalee 219 673 892
Sol 217 837 1054
Wrenley 213 284 497
Zhuri 212 843 1055
Scottie 211 922 1133
Carla 203 923 1126
Alora 197 266 463

Popular Baby Naming Trends in 2024

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The popularity of baby names changes every few years.

Although you will not see major trends arising each year, there are notable shifts in parents’ preferences from time to time. These are often influenced by popular culture and a variety of social factors.

The top names selected by most people in the US reveal some interesting trends for 2024.

Adjectives Are Getting Popular

Non-descriptive names without proper meanings are now replaced by meaningful adjectives. This trend was first seen among celebrity babies, which has now taken off among the masses, too.

Lovely, Royal, Brave, Golden, and Chosen are some of the trending names to watch.

Gender Neutrality Is Transitioning Names From Girls to Boys

Gender neutral baby names have been quite a hype over the past few years. However, this was mostly centered on boys names used for girls.

There is now an increasing trend of traditional names of girls being used for boys, too. These range from Blair and Cleo to Jade.

Adult Names Are Returning

Grown-up names, such as Henry and William, were largely replaced by cute and trendy names in the past few decades. But now, they are back again.

For instance, Ray, Sylvia, and Carla are becoming common choices for babies today.

Short Names Are In

Shorter names are trending for several reasons. Apart from sounding cute and catchy, they are also more practical and easy to pronounce in a globally connected world.

So, Gigi, Avni, Lili, Mimi, and Leni are no longer nicknames. They are used as proper baby names by some parents.

Popular Names Vary Depending on the State

According to the Social Security Administration, the most used baby names vary among states and often differ from the overall popularity rankings for the US.

For instance, Olivia, Emma, Camila, Mia, Sophia, Isabella, Luna, Sofia, Amelia, and Gianna are the top ten names for a baby girl in California. In Ohio, the favorites include Charlotte, Olivia, Amelia, Sophia, Ava, Evelyn, Emma, Harper, Eleanor, and Isabella.

How Do You Pick a Baby Name When You Can’t Decide?

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Remember, your son or daughter will carry the given name for the rest of their life. Therefore, selecting something they will be proud to use is important.

However, choosing one from the trending names is not as straightforward as it may seem. It all depends on your personal preferences. For instance, some parents like to follow the general trends, while others may want something that represents their aspirations for their child.

So, how do you find the perfect baby name from the countless options out there? Here are a few tips to help you out.

Get Help From Family and Friends

Your friends and family members can be a useful resource for shortlisting a name for your child.

They will know you better than anyone else and can, therefore, help you select a baby’s name that you and your little boy or girl will love.

Refer Online Resources

The SSA ranking is not the only resource for finding baby names for boys and girls. There are other online directories and search sites to help you identify popular monikers.

Parents can explore and discuss various naming options on websites such as BabyCenter, Nameberry, and Behind the Name. These websites provide extensive databases, trend analyses, and user forums.

You may also want to see the most popular names users search on Nuwber by month and date based on name search data on its platform.

Choose Gender Neutral Names

Some parents prefer not to know the gender, especially when they are expecting their first baby. In such instances, you can shortlist a few gender neutral names that will work just fine whether you have a baby boy or a baby girl.

Select Something Meaningful

Today, many families choose names for their meaning.

For instance, parents with a deep devotion to their religion may select a biblical name for their child. Some might opt for baby names that tell a story or refer to a person or event that has made an impression in their lives.

Parents could also choose a moniker linked to their ethnic background and culture. Abena and Amari, for example, are popular baby girl names of African origin.

Be Unique

Higher popularity makes names extremely common.

If you want to name your child with something that helps them stand out, select a unique name.

More parents are opting for this route, as seen with names like Chosen and Teo topping the baby boy name list for those rising in popularity.

Remember, a moniker doesn’t always need to have a meaning. Uniqueness will lend itself well to helping your child get noticed.

If you need inspiration for a unique name, pop culture can provide some excellent ideas.

Use a Family Name

Some parents name their first born after a favorite uncle, aunt, grandparent, or some other family member.

If you prefer to select a name connected to your family, there are several routes you can take.

For instance,

  • Research your family tree to identify names popular among or unique to your ancestors.
  • Name your child based on your own name, or use an AI baby name generator to create one using the names of both parents.
  • Consider sibling names when naming the newest addition to your family. For example, you can use the first child’s moniker to create a theme when naming the second baby onward. This could mean coming up with names that start with the same letter or those that rhyme.

To Conclude

Most parents start thinking about a name for their son or daughter months before the baby is born. After all, a child’s moniker is an important part of their identity, which they would use for the rest of their life. So, it makes every sense to spend time selecting the perfect name for your boy or girl.

Based on the child’s gender, you can find the most popular names on the SSA’s website each year. Liam, Noah, Oliver, and James have ranked consistently among the favorite male names in the US, while Olivia, Emma, Charlotte, and Amelia are some of the top girl names chosen.

But you don’t always need to follow the popular trends. There is no harm in coming up with something unique or with meaning. Using a family name in memory of someone you deeply care about is another option. Gender neutral names and adjectives are also in trend right now.

If you need help choosing the perfect baby name, ask for advice from a friend or other loved one who knows you well. And if there is more than one name shortlisted, both the father and mother can select one each as a first and middle name.


What are the most popular baby names in the US right now?

As of recent data, the top three most popular male names in the US are Liam, Noah, and Oliver, and the top three most popular female names are Olivia, Emma, and Charlotte.

Are there any new trends emerging in popular baby names?

Emerging trends in baby names include a rise in adjectives as names (e.g., Royal, Brave), gender-neutral names, and a resurgence of traditional adult names like Henry and Sylvia.

Do popular names vary by state or region?

Yes, popular baby names can vary significantly by state or region. For example, while Olivia and Emma may be popular nationwide, states like California might have different top names such as Camila or Sofia.

How do I choose a unique name while still considering popularity?

If you would like to choose a unique name while still considering popularity, turn to less common names or opt for variations of popular names to maintain individuality.

Are there any cultural or historical influences shaping current naming trends?

Cultural and historical influences often shape naming trends, with some families selecting names rooted in their heritage, religion, or significant figures from the past. Besides, popular culture can also impact naming choices, reflecting current trends in media and entertainment.