How Nuwber Helps Monitor The COVID-19 Status Around Every Person in Communities Across the US

In times of uncertainty like we are experiencing with the COVID-19, we all face an avalanche of information, updates, rumors and sometimes fake news. It is a challenge to filter out what is relevant, and what matters to you personally and shouldn’t be missed.

As a data company built to help individuals search and verify other people in their lives, we see it as our responsibility to enable people to gain a clearer picture of what’s going on around them.

We have merged our database of US residents with the real time statistics from Johns Hopkins University to temporarily transform the Nuwber people search engine into a person-centric COVID-19 tracker. Our service now helps to inform people about the pandemic spread in their proximity.

Here are a few things that the updated Nuwber can help you with: 

Get the pandemic status update at large
Visit our page with a live COVID-19 status update and see the number of registered cases by state. 

See the COVID-19 spread around you
Type in your first and last name, your city and state (or the details of the people you care about) into the Nuwber COVID-19 search tool, find the right profile and click β€œView details” to check how close the virus is.

Stay in touch with your neighbors to offer or ask for help
Scroll down your profile page and find the contact details of your neighbors to get in touch with them and find out if you can help in any way, e.g. with shopping. Π‘ontact your neighbors by phone if you feel you need help.

Support and community spirit are extremely important in turbulent times. So let’s help each other but don’t forget to follow the basic preventive safety measures and avoid physical contact!

To sum up, they say our life will never be the same again. Most probably it is true. The speed with which the world has changed within the last couple of months is astounding. So at this time, more than ever we need something to hold on to, to keep our sanity. It may as well be our loved ones, unity with our neighbours and the accurate, up-to-date information about the state of things around. 

Stay safe, stay in touch, be strong, support those near you and monitor the pandemic state with Nuwber.