How to Find Out Who’s Calling You

how to find a phone number

Phone-related threats have escalated rapidly over the years. According to one report, call scam attempts rose by more than 200% in 2023. Spam is not getting any better either, with the US accounting for 25.35% of all spam calls made worldwide.

Needless to say, finding out who is calling you should be a top priority before answering a call from an unsaved number. In this article, we will get you up to speed on how to identify unknown callers.

How to Reveal a Phone Number of an Incoming Call

The easiest way to reveal the phone number if it’s hidden is by setting up caller ID. Every phone carrier offers this facility to screen calls, search the number’s owner in real time, and display a name and a city to identify an incoming call.

Another solution is downloading a caller ID app. These have several advantages. To begin with, their services are based on user-generated number databases. This means each time someone downloads their app, they get access to the user’s call list. It allows them to constantly update their databases with new numbers, improving the likelihood of identifying an unknown caller for you.

A caller ID app also enables users to flag spam and scam calls. If someone has already received and flagged such a call from a particular number, the app can automatically block and prevent it from contacting other app users. As a result, these apps can help drastically minimize call spam and scams, ensuring your safety and saving you from the hassle of manually blocking unwanted calls.

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How to Find Out Who Stands Behind the Number with Nuwber

Nuwber uses various data sourcing techniques to gather information about phone users and build landline and cell phone number databases containing millions of contacts.

On Nuwber, you can look up any phone number you don’t recognize to get a better understanding of who is trying to reach you and ensure your safety when returning a missed call. The search results are accurate and up to date.

To search someone’s phone number, go to Nuwber’s reverse phone number lookup page, enter the phone number, and click Search. The platform will show who owns the number, including their age, relatives, location, and even phone history. Among other details you can find are:

  • Address history
  • Property history
  • Social media profiles
  • Financial records
  • Business details
  • Criminal records
  • Professional licenses
  • Judgments, and much more.

If you wish to find the phone number owner for free, Nuwber will help you do just that. The service provides an efficient number search, so it won’t take long to find out who stands behind the call. What’s more, Nuwber’s reverse phone lookup will give you access to the phone number owner’s additional contact details, including email addresses and other numbers they might be using to call or message you.

On Nuwber, you can also reverse search the number by area code and locate it on the map. It helps simplify the number lookup process and lets you instantly know which state the caller is from.

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To Recap

Given the threats of phone spam, scams, and other deceptive activities, finding out who is calling you is essential for your safety. Activating the caller ID facilities provided by your phone carrier or installing a caller ID app is the easiest way to recognize an incoming call.

However, a reverse phone lookup tool can be invaluable when you want to identify a missed call or find more information about an unknown caller. It can help retrieve plenty of information, which can be particularly useful for evading unwanted calls.


Are there limitations to using a caller ID service?

Phone carriers typically allow their registered users to determine how they would like their name displayed when they are calling someone. This creates room for manipulation. A phone user could, for example, conceal their real identity using a different name. They can also choose to remain completely anonymous.

Caller ID apps can sometimes provide inaccurate or incomplete caller names, too. This is because they mostly rely on their users to identify numbers. Remember that people could save numbers using nicknames or incomplete names. A number’s owner can change over time, which might not immediately reflect on the app’s database. All these could affect your ability to accurately recognize a caller.

Are reverse phone number lookup services legitimate?

Reputed service providers source data from publicly available sources, including social media and federal, state, and county databases.

Currently, there are no laws or regulations that limit or prohibit anyone from accessing information published in such public domains.

What is the best way to handle a robocall?

If a robocall seems suspicious, hanging up is the best course of action. Never provide personal information or follow automated instructions, and don’t forget to block the number by adding it to your phone’s blacklist.

It’s important, however, to keep in mind that not all robocalls are harmful. Some provide useful services, such as reminding you of appointments and offering medical guidance.

What should I do if I encounter a phone scam? 

Reporting incidents to the Federal Trade Commission is crucial, whether you have fallen victim or managed to escape a phone-related fraud.

Recording all the details, including times, dates, and conversations, and providing them to your local police is essential if you fear for your safety or have lost money or personal data. In addition, you will help other potential victims avoid phone fraud.

Why use Nuwber?

Every piece of information on Nuwber is current and accurate. It has 325 million phone numbers in its database, which makes the process of finding out who stands behind the specific one a simple task. 

Furthermore, the searches on Nuwber are private, which means that no one will ever know that they have been run a background check on.

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