How to Find Someone’s Birthday Without Directly Asking Them

how to find someone's birthday

Do you know that special feeling that comes from being celebrated? No wonder most favorite childhood memories always include happy birthday wishes and a birthday cake. Even as we grow older, people rarely outgrow the excitement of celebrating their birthday.

If you forgot your loved one’s birthday or you are trying to organize a surprise birthday party for someone you recently met, you might need some help. Asking them directly could create a strain in your relationship, or they might be discreet about their birthday. Besides, why ask them if you can find their birthday with just a few mouse clicks? Ride along to know more. 

Why Are Birthdays Important? 

The historical background of a birthday celebration offers a hint as to why birthdays are socially and personally important. Birthday celebrations date as far back as 3,000 years ago when Egyptians used birthdays to mark the coronation of a Pharaoh. However, cakes and candles got to be involved in birthday celebrations when the Greeks started using cakes to symbolize radiance and candles to send wishes to the goddess Artemis.

Roman birthday celebrations with birthday cakes, gifts, and candles date back to the 12th century. Given this historical background, birthdays are important because they provide an opportunity for someone to be celebrated, offer presents to show that they are appreciated, and send beautiful wishes to show that they are loved. 

Why Do You Need to Find Someone’s Birthday Without Asking Them? 

According to a study, people tend to forget 90 percent of the information they learned after a month. So, if you find yourself forgetting a birthday, you are not alone. However, a forgotten birthday can lead to a strained professional or personal relationship. Also, asking them directly might hurt their feelings. You can find someone’s date without directly asking them, and here is how.

find someone's birthday online

How to Find Someone’s Birthday Without Directly Asking Them? 

This comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to find someone’s birthday would save you the awkwardness of missing a loved one’s birthday. Keeping in mind respect for the person’s privacy, this guide will improve your interpersonal relationship as it has done for many. 


There is a reason why this is the foremost option on how to find someone’s birthday. It is a verified, reliable, and popular tool to find out someone’s birthday online. Nuwber is a search engine and contains the date of birth. This information is obtained through public records without violating the privacy of your target person. You can find someone’s birthday on Nuwber through the following:

  • Phone Number: The first is through the phone number. You can simply type in the phone number to find out someone’s birthday without asking them along with other general information you might need. 
  • Address: The second means is inputting their address in the search bar. In using this means, you have to include the full address containing the city, zip code, and state. 
  • Full Name: The last means could be the perfect option for you, which is by name. You only need to input their full name. That is their first name and last name. If you know their city and state, you can include that too. I.e. Jack Johnson in Ozone Park, NY. 

When you enter the information, the search result will offer an icon directing you to a webpage containing their social profile for a free birthday lookup. Nuwber is not a consumer reporting agency under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Social Media 

According to recent statistics, 62.3 percent of the world’s population is on social media platforms, amounting to about 5.04 billion people. With social media sites, you can discover someone’s birthday through the person’s profile. This is how: 

  • Facebook: Facebook is the largest social media platform with a monthly base of roughly 3.05 billion users. To find someone’s birthday using the person’s Facebook profile, you can look up their birth date on Facebook. Enter their full name in the search bar on Facebook. Check through their user’s profile to find their birth date if it is not a private account. As an alternative, you can scroll through your past conversation history or find happy birthday wishes on their page.
  • Instagram: Instagram is one of the popular social media networks. To use Instagram to find an individual’s birthday, you need to first find their profile page. When you find their Instagram page, check through their posts within a year to find their birthday post. If you find none, you can check the “tagged” option on their profile to find old photos or old pictures they have been tagged in. One of these tagged photos could be a birthday post made by someone else on their profile. You can also check their friend’s list. If their Instagram account is private, you would have to send them a follow request and wait for them to approve it. 
  • Snapchat: You can find someone’s birthday on Snapchat if you are connected on Snapchat. You can check their Snapchat profile as an actual birthday lookup. When you do this, you will find an icon with a balloon by the upper left-hand side that shows their birthday date and month without the birth year. Also, on the same day as their birthday, there would be a birthday cake emoji by their display name for a birthday lookup. You can make birthday posts on other social media platforms as a reminder.
  • LinkedIn Account: This platform usually has the birthday listed and contains basic details that can help you conduct a background check.
how to discover someone's birthday

Family Members or Mutual Friends

This can prove to be a very effective way of finding out someone’s birthday without asking them. You can ask family members and friends about the person’s birthday. Their family or mutual friends are likely to know, however, if you plan to throw a surprise birthday party for the upcoming birthdays, you should make sure your informant is aware of this so they do not spill the beans. 

Public Records and Personally Issued Documents

If you plan on finding someone’s birthday through a public records search, you can either find someone’s birthday online or offline. Depending on the sunshine laws in your location, you can contact a customer reporting agency to get public records of the person. To use the online methods, you can locate the person’s public record online for a detailed report. You can also consult any of their personally issued documents, such as a Birth certificate and criminal records.

Google Search

You can find someone’s birthday using Google search engines for a background check. You can enter the person’s name in the Google search bar to find their birthday through online databases.

Get Them to Tell You Without Asking Them Directly 

To find people’s birthdays without asking them directly, you can bring up conversations related to their birthdays. Talking about your zodiac sign can get them to tell you without asking them directly. You can also bring up a conversation about their previous or fondest birthday memory, they are very likely to mention the date or give you a strong hint of their birth date while discussing this subject. This can prove to be very helpful if you plan on surprising them with a party, as you can easily find out what they like or not through their previous birthday experience. 


Successfully finding out someone’s birthday dates without asking them comes with the benefit of maintaining a good relationship with them. It can also help if you plan on throwing a surprise party. If you followed through with this guide, there is a high chance you would find out their birthday information without asking them at little to no cost. 

After discovering someone’s birthday details, use a Google calendar to add their birth dates to your Google calendar to keep a permanent record of the person’s date.


How can I find out someone’s birthday online for free? 

You can use Nuwber as a search tool to find birthdays for free or access their public records. However, a free version gives access to only 5 pages. For a premium subscription, you get unlimited access. 

What is a reverse phone lookup? 

A reverse phone lookup is a tool that allows you to access online information associated with a phone number including the details of the owner and other related details. 

Is the use of social networking sites in finding someone’s birthday a violation of their privacy? 

No. The information displayed on social networking sites is usually public. It can be found in their public records.

What if I cannot find someone’s birthday online using internet tools and social media sites? 

If you cannot find someone’s birthday online using social networking sites, you can ask a mutual friend for the date of birth or find out the date of birth in a conversation without making them suspicious. 

How can I find someone’s birthday using only their full name? 

If the person’s full name is all the information you have about the person, you can use Nuwber, which is an online tool to find the person’s birthday as well as other valuable information about them. 

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