How to Find Someone’s Email Address With Little Information

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The world has said its farewells to post offices and handwritten notes. Emails are the new trend, especially as they combine the ease of online communication with the private nature of letter writing. With a user base of about 4.26 billion people, there is a high chance the person you are trying to contact has an email address. 

Emails could be used for both professional and personal correspondence. You might want to reconnect with a friend whose contact details you lost, apply for a job opening, or send an official request. The list is endless. With your permission, allow us to be a part of your email hunt. 

Why Getting an Email Address May Be Essential

The purpose of using email is one and the same, to communicate with people. However, the reasons for finding someone’s email address vary. You could be trying to locate a person whose contact you lost or connect with a potential employer.

If you run a personal blog, you might need email addresses for large outreach. For this, a personal email address would be the best option to explore.

Depending on the reason, you might need a single email address or as many as you can get access to. If you are running a newsletter, the number of email addresses you have access to determines the size of your target audience.

For daily interactions, you can send emails to interact with friends. In most workplace environments, emails are used on a daily basis to correspond with colleagues. If you are on a job hunt, you might need the email address to send in an application.

Use an Email Lookup Tool to Find an Email Address

Considering how lengthy email addresses can be, it is easy to forget a particular one. Besides, correctly writing them is also very important. This is because even minor changes to an alphabet or number can result in contact loss.

Using email lookup tools is a way to go when you are searching for someone’s email address. And when you think of email lookup services, Nuwber should spring to mind. The platform offers numerous methods through which you can access the necessary email address.

The first method is the most obvious answer β€” input the person’s name into the search bar. It is best to enter their full name, then add their hometown. After doing this, the search page will provide you with details about the person, including their email addresses.

You can also use the person’s phone number to find their email address. You only have to enter the digits to get the desired results. The third method is to use the address option to find an email address.

Try Guessing Their Email Address

You can play the guessing game to find someone’s email address. It can be surprisingly effective. Most people use a generic email address. This is because the most common formats of people’s email addresses include their full name and domain name. I.e. You will find that most email addresses follow this order.

After guessing an email address, you can test it by sending an email. If they send you a response, it is likely you have an active email address. If they do not respond to your email, it is likely you have an inactive email address or the wrong email address.

Confirm Your Guess With a Reverse Email Lookup

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If you obtained email addresses by making a guess, maybe you made a lucky guess or maybe you did not. Either way, you should ensure you have the correct email address and domain.

An email verifier would make sure you have the right person. To carry out an email verification, you can use the reverse email lookup offered by Nuwber. With a reverse search, you can investigate a suspicious email to find someone’s contact, including their criminal records.

Use Google to Find a Person’s Email Address

You can use a Chrome extension to optimize your Google email search. Using a Chrome extension in your search engine can provide you with multiple results following a person’s digital footprint. When you search Google with the name of a person or the company name, the search result will show you their details or the company website address.

You may browse multiple web pages or a person’s website containing their email addresses. Eventually, you will find the exact match for your target person. Using quotation marks in your email search would optimize your results.

You can also search the company’s website with Google search operators. Using search operators, you can access their contact pages to find their contact info that has their email addresses.

If your target person is a writer, you can search their author page to find their email addresses. The author’s page is usually the last page or at the bottom of their website. They might also include their email address in articles they have written.

Check an Email Address With an Email Verifier

An email verifier confirms if an email address exists. A syntax verification ensures that an email address follows the correct format, including a domain name, a maximum of 64 characters for the local part of the email address, 255 characters for the domain name, and an @ symbol as specified by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IEFT).

After a syntax verification, a domain verification would ensure that the domain name exists and can receive emails. You can also use a mailbox verification to make sure the email address is active and correct. You also need a mailbox verification to make sure it is not a spam trap so you don’t get blocked.

Export Your LinkedIn Connections Contact Details

LinkedIn profiles are more effective than you can imagine. To find someone’s email address, you can check their LinkedIn profile. If your target is a company, when you search the company on LinkedIn, the profile usually contains the company details, including a link to the company’s website.

Alternatively, you can search someone who works in the same company that is your target. Their profile would provide you with a few tips on how to get the company’s email addresses.

If you are connected with the person on LinkedIn, you can find your connection’s email addresses when you search their profiles through the connections box. Using paid accounts can also optimize your search.

To export your connection’s contacts, you can select the privacy tab to request a copy of your connection’s data. Through the data provided, you can get the email address of your target.

Search Social Media for Email Addresses

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Most people add their email addresses to their social media profiles. To get an email address using social media accounts, you can observe their online activity. There are various platforms through which you can get email addresses. The most popular social media platforms include Twitter and Facebook.

You can search through their past tweets. In the course of making conversations on Twitter, the person you are trying to contact might have included their email address in a past tweet.

You can search through your previous message with them to see if they included their email addresses in a previous message. If you have ever worked together, checking work team pages, spam emails, or your emails might be helpful.

Subscribe to the Prospect’s Newsletter

If your target is building a mailing list and sending out newsletters, you can subscribe to their mailing list. You can do that through their social media handles or website. After you subscribe, they will have your email address and you will have theirs too when they send you their newsletter.

If their newsletter has their reply option turned on, you can directly send them an email and even build a relationship with them over time. After getting their email address, you can unsubscribe from their newsletter if you do not want to be on their mailing list anymore.

Check Your Mailing List

How ironic would it be if you already have the email address you are searching for? If you have an email list, you can check through it to see if you already have the information you are looking for.

If you do not have a mailing list, you can look through your email history to check if you already exchanged correspondence with your target. You can check your email history by entering their name in your email’s search bar.

Ask a Mutual Connection

A mutual connection with your target can be very helpful in getting someone’s email address. You can ask your mutual connection if they have the email address of your target. If your mutual connection does not have the email address you need, you can ask them to directly ask your target for their email address.

Some companies or businesses that do not make their email addresses public, usually have a team that handles their correspondence. You can contact the team that handles the correspondence of your target organization to request the email address you need.

Check Whois Records

When you conduct a Whois search, you can access public records on who owns a domain or website. Its database contains information on many websites. If a business is available on the web, carrying out a search could help you find the website.

A business accessible on the web usually includes their contact. Whois offers an option to contact them directly using the contact on their profile.


After you have successfully obtained an email address, you can enter it into Google Sheets for future reference. If you were not able to find an email address using these methods, you can contact your target through their phone number or social media networks and ask them for their email address. With persistence in your search, you will find what you need in the end.


How do I access an email address I lost?

You can conduct a search using Nuwber.

Is there a way to look up an email address for free?

Nuwber’s free search will provide you with some basic information about a person, including any available email addresses.

Please note that your search options are limited. You can get in-depth background information on people by purchasing a subscription.

Do I need a premium account to find an email address using social media?

No, you can find an email address on social media without a premium account. However, having a premium subscription on your social media account can optimize your search for an email address.

I cannot find someone’s email address on their LinkedIn profile. What can I do?

If you cannot find an email address on their LinkedIn profile, it is probably because you are not connected with them on LinkedIn or they did not make their email information available on their profile. You can try connecting with them, then check their profile for their email again.

If you do not find it on their profile, you can contact them directly for their email address or get it through an alternative means.

Can I find an email address using a phone number?

You can engage an email lookup service to find the email address using a phone number.

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