How to Find Someone’s Phone Number Online

easy ways to find a person's number on the internet

Cell phones have become an indispensable component of our lives, and there are many reasons for this. From keeping up with family, friends, and acquaintances to catching up on the news and scrolling, people all around the globe use their phones for similar reasons.

According to the Pew Research Center, 97% of Americans have a cell phone of some kind, with 9 in 10 owning a smartphone. The only question is how to find someone’s phone number if they haven’t shared it with you. Luckily, there are many methods for this, and each one depends on how much information is available about the person in question.

So, how can you find somebody’s number online? It’s a question we’ll answer in this article, but first let’s consider the legality of this process.

Is It Legal to Look for People’s Phone Numbers?

It’s a question that you might have asked yourself — is it even legal to search for someone’s contact details without their permission? The answer is quite simple: it depends on the way you do it and the reason for doing so.

For instance, if you want to reconnect with an old friend or call a long-lost relative, there’s nothing wrong with searching for their telephone number. On the other hand, if you have another objective, such as to harass or stalk someone, you could be punished by law as a result.

Therefore, ensure that you have a legitimate reason for looking for somebody’s phone number.

Preparing for the Search: What Will Make the Process of Finding a Phone Number Easier?

People’s phone numbers are all over the internet, and even though sometimes it may take some time to find them, in most cases it’s possible to do this quickly. Before you start your search, gather the relevant information about the person in question. This could include their full name, location, age, workplace, profession, or email address.

All this helps differentiate one person from another. For instance, if you’re looking for Taylor Williams from Los Angeles, their profession or location will let you know they’re the one so you don’t call or text the wrong person.

Knowing where the person lives makes the process a lot easier. For example, imagine that you found two numbers and don’t know which one belongs to the right person. In this case, you can take a look at the area code of the number. If the person lives in, let’s say, Ohio, then the phone number starting with the area code 216 is the one you need.

Similarly, if you have the person’s full name, address, or email address, you’ll make your search experience much easier by simply reverse searching these details.

Now let’s talk specifically about how to find someone’s phone number on the internet.

6 Proven Ways to Find a Person’s Phone Number Online

how to make the process of finding a phone number easier

Here are the six proven methods you can use to find a person’s contact details without much hassle:

1. Name Search on Nuwber

Nuwber is a people search website that offers access to all sorts of public information about a person, including their address, professional and business details, date of birth, property history, and, of course, contact information, among other things. It collects data from public sources and compiles it into comprehensible reports, where everything is in one place.

To find a person’s phone number on Nuwber, type in their full name in the search bar and hit enter.

There are 325 million phone numbers of US citizens in Nuwber’s database, and finding the one you need is rather simple — all you need is the person’s full name.

2. Reverse Phone Lookup on Nuwber

Reverse phone lookups are an effective way to find out the number’s owner. A phone number lookup works in the following way: if you have an unknown number and want to know who it belongs to or verify the caller, you need to enter it into the search bar on Nuwber.

However, our goal here is a bit different: we need to find the current number of the person in question. A reverse phone lookup can be useful in this case, too. But how? Nuwber provides the timeline of a telephone number. So, if you know someone’s number they no longer use, enter it on the platform and you’ll find out what number they have now.

After the reverse search process, you’ll also locate the person’s additional information such as email, address, social profiles, other contact information, and more.

3. Social Media Accounts

Another widely used way to find someone’s phone number is to go through their social media profiles. Visit the individual’s accounts on any social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok, and locate an “About” or “Info” section. If you can’t find anything there, use the search bar to search for the posts where they may have shared their number.

In case the process is unsuccessful, the only next step is to reach out to them directly. If that person is your friend or you know them well, you can send them a message on any platform and explain why you need their contact information. This may or may not work, and you’ll only know once you try.

4. Search Engines

Google, Bingo, Yahoo, and other search engines can be beneficial in finding somebody’s contact details. Every day, search engines crawl websites and index pages, so if the person in question has shared their phone number somewhere on the web, there’s a high chance you’ll be able to locate it with the help of a simple search on a search engine.

You just need to input the person’s full name and the word “phone number”. After the results are found, their phone number might be displayed. However, sometimes only a name isn’t enough, so if you know their address, age, profession, workplace, or any other relevant information, it would be wise to mention it, too. The more details you provide, the higher the chance of finding a valid phone number.

5. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the perfect place to find the phone number of an individual in a business setting.

Should you wish to reach a potential client or a business partner, you can easily discover their contact details on the platform. The majority of users typically include their mobile or landline number in the “Contact Info” or “About” section of their profiles.

Another advantage is that most companies and businesses have LinkedIn accounts and they may publish their employee’s contact details on their pages.

Therefore, if you know someone who works at a particular company and you need their number, LinkedIn is an effective way to find it.

6. Company Websites

Looking through the company website of the business where someone works is another method of getting their contact information. The majority of businesses have a “Contact Us” page where their employees’ phone numbers and email addresses are displayed.

In this case, a newsletter registration or a blog subscription can also help because the confirmation email will usually have a direct contact number or email.

Keep in mind, however, that such details are generally meant for customer inquiries or business communications, so approach them with respect.


learn about the common ways to find a person's phone number

Finding someone’s phone number is now way easier than ever before. A name search, a reverse phone lookup service, social media accounts, search engines, and company websites are some of the most effective ways to find anyone’s contact information online.

Nevertheless, before you start looking for the number, make sure you have enough information about the person to simplify the process and avoid contacting the wrong person.

Also, don’t forget to respect people’s privacy, especially if you want to discuss professional details.


What information is required for a phone number search?

Depending on the platform, the requirements may vary. Here are some of the common details you’ll need: name, age, location, profession, workplace, email address, or an old phone number. Sometimes only a full name is enough.

Is it free to search for someone’s phone number?

All of the methods, such as searching for the number by name or old phone number, on social media, search engines, and company websites, are free.

However, name and phone number searches sometimes require a fee to access certain information.

Is it possible to find someone’s phone number if I don’t know anything about them?

If you know nothing about the person, you probably won’t find their phone number. At least their full name is required for this.

What is the easiest and fastest way to find someone’s phone number online?

The easiest and fastest way to find a person’s phone number is through a name search on Nuwber. Just type in the full name and click the Search button. The whole process takes less than a minute.

How can I be sure that the number I have belongs to the right person?

To check if the number is associated with the right person, reverse search the number on Nuwber. Reverse phone lookups are completely free. However, you only get five free searches. 

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