Kizzy L Fisher from Bakersfield, CA

Alias Ms Kizzy L Fisher, Ms Kizzy Fisher
Female, 46. Born September 27, 1977
Cell phone
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Home Type
Single Family Dwelling Unit
Home Ownership
Home Owner
Property Value
456 000 USD
Year Build
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Associated with Vienna Fisher (2005, 2018)
Seen 2015-2023
Associated with Vienna Fisher (2017), Martin Madson (2014-2015)
Seen 2016-2017
No Associated People
Seen 2014
Associated with Amaris K Meng (2013), Tracey S Anderson (2004, 2006)
Seen 2013-2015
No Associated People
Seen 2013
No Associated People
Seen 2012
Associated with Tameka Davis (2023), Gregory D Welburn (2014)
Seen 2012-2018
No Associated People
Seen 2012
No Associated People
Seen 2005-2013

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Associated with Anetra M Smith (2016), Thomas J Wolf (2016)
Seen 2016
Associated with Sabrina Patel (2016), Tina M Buenvenida (2010), Mayuri B Modi (2007, 2011)
Seen 2015
Associated with Larry R Hail Jr. (2017-2018), Vienna Fisher (2001)
Seen 2014
Associated with Jillian L Tripp (2016), Keith A Kangas (2013), Verna Mckee (2007, 2015), Vienna Fisher (2005)
Seen 2013
No Associated People
Seen 2012
No Associated People
Seen 2012-2013



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Kizzy L Fisher CA

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Kizzy L Fisher CA

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Kizzy L Fisher CA

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Kizzy L Fisher, born September 27, 1977 in Bakersfield, CA
Kizzy L Fisher



Sep 27, 1977

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1977 When is born
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FAQ ABOUT Kizzy L Fisher

How old is Kizzy L Fisher and what is her date of birth?

Kizzy L Fisher’s exact date of birth is September 27, 1977. She is 46.

How to find Kizzy L Fisher’s phone number?

She can be reached on landline and cell phones. (209) 388-0538 is the landline phone number and her mobile phone number is (661) 369-9162.

How do I get in touch with Kizzy L Fisher by email?

You can try to send an email to Kizzy L Fisher at the following email addresses: · · · · · · · · · · · ·

What is Kizzy L Fisher’s residence address?

Kizzy L Fisher lives at Jackson Ridge Ave in Bakersfield, California, 93313-5570. She has lived there since 2013.

What was Kizzy L Fisher’s address before she moved to her current place?

Kizzy is known to have lived at the following addresses: 181 E 16th St, Apt 10, Merced, CA, 95340-5059 · 2315 Saguaro Ct, Merced, CA, 95348-3811 · 550 Clarinada Ave, Apt 2, Merced, CA, 95341 · 543 Seville Way, Merced, CA, 95341-6854 · 3295meadowsaveapt103, Merced, CA, 95348 · 1175 Swaps St, Atwater, CA, 95301-2437 · 2010 Merced Ave, Merced, CA, 95341-5343 · 4045 Fox Rd, Atwater, CA, 95301-5648 · 3295 Meadows Ave, Apt 103, Merced, CA, 95348-1949 · 3295 Meadows 103 Ave, Merced, CA, 95348 · 1120 W 6th St, Merced, CA, 95341-6571 · 211 S Canal St, Merced, CA, 95341-6881 · 5520 Generals Pl, Apt 30, North Highlands, CA, 95660-4981 · 1110 W 12th St, Apt D, Merced, CA, 95341-5704 · 2833 Colton Ct, Merced, CA, 95348-9506 · 1972 Kelly Ave, Merced, CA, 95340-4323 · 2590 Glen Ave, Apt 3, Merced, CA, 95340-3141 · 673 Loughborough Dr, Apt 6, Merced, CA, 95348-2607 · 314 W 19th St, Apt 13, Merced, CA, 95340-4806 · 2560 Midge Ave, Apt 99, Merced, CA, 95340-3137 · 408 S Woodrow Ave, Apt 3, Fresno, CA, 93702-3824 · 18 S West Ave, Merced, CA, 95341-6429 · 3220 Meadows Ave, Apt C, Merced, CA, 95348-1930 · 148 W 20th St, Apt A, Merced, CA, 95340-3891 · 3220 Meadows Ave, Apt P, Merced, CA, 95348-1929 · 6771 California St, Apt A, Winton, CA, 95388-9287 · PO Box 275, Winton, CA, 95388-0275 · 408 Woodrow Avs 3, Fresno, CA, 93702 · 408 Woodrow Avs, Fresno, CA, 93702.

Who lives in the same neighborhood as Kizzy L Fisher?

Does Kizzy L Fisher have a better half?

No, she is listed as not married in our records.

Who are the members of Kizzy L Fisher’s family?

The following people are indicated as the family of Kizzy: Vinna Fisher · James F Fisher.

What is Kizzy L Fisher’s sign?

Kizzy’s sign by date of birth is a Libra.

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