James D Click from Fort Wayne, IN

Alias Mr James D Click, Mr James Click
Male, 81. Born March 28, 1943
Cell phone
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No Associated People
Seen 2023
Associated with Craig H Nicholls (2015-2021)
Seen 2013-2018
Associated with John W Click (2022)
Seen 2012

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Associated with Kimberly A Bowker (1999)
Seen 2000-2022
Associated with Robbie Otolski (2019-2021), Opal Otolski (2014-2017), Austin Otolski (2011, 2019-2021), Alicia A Otolski (2010, 2015-2019, 2021), Opal Annette Otolski (2001, 2020-2021)
Seen 2016
Associated with Sharon Click (2017)
Seen 2016
No Associated People
Seen 2016
Associated with Teresa G Beck (2016), Kimberly A Bowker (2016), Leonard Charles Falcone Jr. (2016)
Seen 2016
No Associated People
Seen 2016
No Associated People
Seen 2016
Associated with Karen S Mercer (2016), Tammy S Parrish (2002, 2013-2021), Raymond K Parrish (1996, 2012-2021)
Seen 2009-2011



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James D Click IN

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James D Click IN

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James D Click IN

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James D Click, born March 28, 1943 in Fort Wayne, IN
James D Click

Fort Wayne


Mar 28, 1943

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1943 When is born
11 Phone numbers
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FAQ ABOUT James D Click

How old is James D Click and what is his date of birth?

James D Click’s exact date of birth is March 28, 1943. He is 81.

Is James D Click reachable by phone?

James D Click has two current phone numbers. The landline phone number is (260) 432-9754 and the mobile phone number is (859) 409-4660.

How do I reach out to James D Click by email?

Try emailing James D Click at james.click@netzero.net.

What is James D Click’s current home address and when did he move there?

He currently resides at Georgetown Ln, Fort Wayne, Indiana, 46815-4313 and has been living there since 2014.

What were James D Click’s addresses before he moved to his current place?

James has moved many times. His previous residential addresses are as follows: 3419 Portage Blvd, Apt 6, Fort Wayne, IN, 46802-4733 · 3301 Portage Blvd, Apt 22, Fort Wayne, IN, 46802-4728 · Portage Boulevard, Apt 42, Fort Wayne, IN, 46802 · 6630 Georgetown Ln, Apt 42, Fort Wayne, IN, 46815-4313 · 10744 Us, Fort Wayne, IN, 46801 · 5613 Thornbriar Ln, Fort Wayne, IN, 46835-3891 · 1918 Shorecrest Dr, Apt 6, Fort Wayne, IN, 46825-5944 · 3301 Portage Blvd, Apt 42, Fort Wayne, IN, 46802-4727 · 3419 Portage Blvd, Apt 18, Fort Wayne, IN, 46802-4734 · 3419 Portage Blvd, Apt 17, Fort Wayne, IN, 46802-4733 · 6438 Covington Rd, Fort Wayne, IN, 46804-7304 · 6408 Covington Rd, Apt C219, Fort Wayne, IN, 46804-7352 · 110 W Berry St, Apt 1700, Fort Wayne, IN, 46802-2316 · Fort Wayne, IN, 46804 · 1902 Ardmore Ave, Apt 10, Fort Wayne, IN, 46802-4815 · 2510 Sherborne Blvd, Fort Wayne, IN, 46805-3055 · 1413 Melrose Ave, Fort Wayne, IN, 46808-2224 · 2211 Bellevue Dr, Fort Wayne, IN, 46825-3807 · 10744 Us, Ft Wayne, IN, 46816.

Who lives on the same street as James D Click?

Public databases show the following people as the neighbors of James: Doris J Clowers · Lorraine Artis · Cora Clowers · Karen L Isbell · Terrie Priest · Thomas R Stanford · Juan Stanford · Ruth Shaw · Ramona F Springer · Roseanne A Clark · Richard S Mclain · Jason W Adams · Rae A Chandler · Wayne B Vasser.

Does James D Click have a spouse?

No, James is reportedly single.

Who are James D Click’s relatives?

The following people are his family members: Sharon Click · John W Click.

What is James D Click's job?

For a certain period of time, James D Click’s employment has been related to the following area/job: Retired/Pensioner.

What is James D Click’s Zodiac sign?

His sign by date of birth is a Aries.

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