Fernando Marin Sr. from Elmhurst, NY

Alias Mr Fernando Marin, Mr Fernando Marin Sr.
Male, 52. Born September 18, 1971
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Multiple Family Dwelling Unit
Property Value
780 000 USD
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Associated with Patricia Colmena (2014), Laura Y Shih (2014), Fernando A Zapata (2014), Felix V Almonte (1999)
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Fernando Marin Sr. NY

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Fernando Marin Sr. NY

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Fernando Marin Sr. NY

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Fernando Marin Sr., born September 18, 1971 in Elmhurst, NY
Fernando Marin Sr.


New York

Sep 18, 1971

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FAQ ABOUT Fernando Marin Sr.

How old is Fernando Marin Sr. and when was he born?

Fernando Marin Sr. was born on September 18, 1971 and is about to turn or has already turned 52.

What is the mobile or landline phone number for Fernando Marin Sr.?

To reach Fernando Marin Sr., please dial (718) 595-1099. This is a home phone number.

What is Fernando Marin Sr.’s current home address and when did he move there?

Fernando Marin Sr. lives at Denman St in Elmhurst, New York, 11373-2868.

What are Fernando Marin Sr.’s previous addresses?

Before he moved into his current home, Fernando Marin Sr. used to live at the following addresses: 14738 84th Dr, Jamaica, NY, 11435-2234 · 1 Unknown, Jamaica, NY, 11435 · 4901 94th St, Apt 1, Elmhurst, NY, 11373-2826 · 491 94th St, Apt 1, Elmhurst, NY, 11373 · 49-0194 St 1, Elmhurst, NY, 11373 · 4814 93rd St, Elmhurst, NY, 11373-4033.

Who resides in the same neighborhood as Fernando Marin Sr.?

Fernando Marin Sr. resides in the same neighborhood as the following people: Patricia Colmena · Jorge Vicente · Fernando A Zapata · Miguel Olivares · Jessica Avis · Betty Harjono · Cindythia Harjono · Erxing Cao.

Who is related to Fernando Marin Sr.?

The following people seem to be the relatives of Fernando: Alvaro Marin.

What is Fernando Marin Sr.’s astrological sign?

Fernando’s date of birth is September 18, so his sign of the Zodiaс is a Virgo.

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