Lori A Katakofsky from Farmingdale, NY

Alias Ms Lori Katakofsky, Ms Lori A Katakofsky
Female, 46. Born March 14, 1978
Cell phone
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Home Type
Single Family Dwelling Unit
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Property Value
485 000 USD
Year Build
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Associated with Nicole Holbrook (2022), Harold T Holbrook (2020-2021, 2023), Veronica Zapata (2007)
Seen 2017-2019
Associated with Randy Katakofsky (2016-2017)
Seen 2016-2017

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Associated with Grace M Tsaktsirlis (2019), Alexander N Tsaktsirlis (2017-2018), Vincent D Diorio (2016-2017), Scott J Musorofiti (2016), Carole Diorio (2013-2018), Vincent Diorio (2013-2018)
Seen 2020-2023
No Associated People
Seen 2007-2018
Associated with Mary A Engels (2006)
Seen 2006
Associated with Robert A Mulvey (2016), Gary Robert (2012-2014, 2017-2021), Mary A Engels (1993, 2018)
Seen 1996-2008


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Lori A Katakofsky NY

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Lori A Katakofsky NY

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Lori A Katakofsky NY

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Lori A Katakofsky, born March 14, 1978 in Farmingdale, NY
Lori A Katakofsky


New York

Mar 14, 1978

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1978 When is born
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FAQ ABOUT Lori A Katakofsky

What year was Lori A Katakofsky born and how old is she?

Lori A Katakofsky was born on March 14, 1978, so she is 46 now.

How do I ring Lori A Katakofsky?

Lori has both landline and mobile phone numbers. You can call Lori A Katakofsky’s landline at (516) 293-0720 or phone her at (516) 633-8094. The latter is her mobile phone number.

How can I reach out to Lori A Katakofsky via email?

There are no email addresses for Lori A Katakofsky in our database.

Where does Lori A Katakofsky currently live?

Lori moved to Lisa Ct in Farmingdale, New York, 11735-4022 in 2007 and has been living there ever since.

Where did Lori A Katakofsky live before?

Lori A Katakofsky has changed her address several times. Before she moved to her current place, she used to live at the following addresses: 26 Pinetree Dr, Farmingdale, NY, 11735-4436 · 78 Moriches Rd, Lake Grove, NY, 11755-2210 · 3 Locust Ave, Nassau, NY, 12123-2424 · 191 Ocean Ave, Massapequa, NY, 11758-6510.

Does Lori A Katakofsky have a spouse?

Yes, our files show Lori A Katakofsky as married.

Who are the members of Lori A Katakofsky’s family?

Our records identify the following people as the family of Lori: Randy Katakofsky.

Who has worked with Lori A Katakofsky or shared the same address with her?

What is Lori A Katakofsky’s sign?

Her sign of the Zodiaс is a Pisces.

Are there any other people named Lori A Katakofsky in Nuwber’s database?

We have found the following people with the same/similar names in our database: Laura Katakofsky (96 y.o., Albuquerque, NM).

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